Sunday, 10 June 2012

Today is the end of a very long couple of weeks.  I've uploaded some Christmas stamps (hahaaaaaaa yes you read that right - but Christmas Cards need to be started early in our crafting world - don't they???)

Hopefully next week I can use this Blog to encourage me to craft more ...don't expect miracles!  It's very true what they say "if you don't use it; you lose it" and the less I craft the harder I find it to get back into the swing.  So next week will have me spending time EVERY DAY in my craft room to try and get back to doing what I really love. 

If you have been following me so far then a great big thank you for hanging in there - I hope I don't let you down.................. Hugs 

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  1. Good morning Susie.
    Well I guess I am feeling pretty much like you this morning. It is now getting quite hot here and soon it will be time to stop card making, then when I get back to it my mojo will have gone! Am in middle of sorting a lot of my older stash out too to make way fro some more stamps! Ha ha.

    Speak soon

    Love Sheila x