Sunday, 3 February 2013

Knock Knock - Who's There - Me!!!!

Oh my goodness,

Hanging my head in shame.

I have made a few cards but they are in my Gallery on the DC site as as my followers belong to that site I just didn't add them here.

It's not going to get much better either :( 

I do have my eldest son's card to make and ..................deep intake of breath .......... my youngest son's Wedding Card.  Wow my first son to get married.   I've waited a long time for this.   8 weeks to go and I need to lose 11lbs in 6 of them lol  (no pressure huh) then it will be a mad dash to find something suitable to wear.  I am not a dressy kind of person - Boot Camp and Gym are my kind of things at the moment - I feel a lot happier in a pair of jeans; trainers and t-shirt!  Going to try and make this non-stressful - I am what I am (that reminds me of a song hmmmmmmm might chant it to keep the level down).

Yep I know it's an unearthly hour - my insomnia is doing its rounds again.  Time to get off this computer!

I promise to visit my follower's Blogs this week and do some catching up. 

Hugs and Night Godbless  

Thursday, 5 July 2012

An early good morning

Well. I'm burning the midnight oil!  At last I have managed to make a card.  I couldn't miss this one because on the 1st July my sweet hubby and I celebrated our 40th Wedding Anniversary.  I was stumped as to what to make........I didn't want to do the red rose/red hearts bit - plenty of our cards would have those on so I went for something I have never done before .......... Teddy Bo.  I tried to make it romantic but not too slushy ........ hubby did ask me why "he" had a bare bum in it lol - thankful he didn't think Bo was me hahaaaaaaaaa.  We had a beautiful day - our sons took us out to dinner (with their partners) and when we got to the restaurant we found that hubby's family had all come down from wet Wales as a suprise.  There is just me and my dad in the UK on my side of the family - he was there too.   What a wonderful day to remember :)

I would like to enter this into
Sorry the picture is a bit dark, weather is awful here in the UK at the moment ........

Such a cute download of Bo and Bea - I didn't seem to be able to get the fur just right so had a go at "dotting" using my promarkers - I think it worked out quite well.  The papers are from my stash and they are faux stitched (I bought a small sewing machine but still seem to do it by hand lol).  the flowers and leaves are all cut out of the 12 x 12 paper; these are also faux stitched just to add more dimension    and I used dimensional glaze on the centres and the row of spots on the front of the card.  The  numbers40 are quickutz that I've had for yonks these are also glazed to make them pop! 

Sunday, 10 June 2012

Today is the end of a very long couple of weeks.  I've uploaded some Christmas stamps (hahaaaaaaa yes you read that right - but Christmas Cards need to be started early in our crafting world - don't they???)

Hopefully next week I can use this Blog to encourage me to craft more ...don't expect miracles!  It's very true what they say "if you don't use it; you lose it" and the less I craft the harder I find it to get back into the swing.  So next week will have me spending time EVERY DAY in my craft room to try and get back to doing what I really love. 

If you have been following me so far then a great big thank you for hanging in there - I hope I don't let you down.................. Hugs 

Saturday, 9 June 2012

I don't know whether to be shocked or embarrassed today.  I thought I had put together practically all the ribbons I own when I found a little box with some of my favourite ribbons in.  I treasured them so much I had put them away and forgotten all about them.    Tempted to put them back in the box but what's the sense!!  Might as well go to another loving home lol.  I can keep a metre for myself and move on ...............

Friday, 8 June 2012

I'm trying to think of something nice to say about today - this miserable weather doesn't inspire me so perhaps I will just upload some more ribbons - I had a light bulb moment though  because I have placed them around a 6 x 6 cardstock 3 at a time which shows the front/back of the ribbon which sometimes can be quite different AND (more important) I can do them quicker ........... SIMPLES!!!!!!!  only taken me to now to make life a tad easer lol duhhhhhhhhhhhhh!

Thursday, 7 June 2012

What a miserable day here today - garden looking very green (trying to put a positive slant on a "June Summer Day".  I've decided not to venture out today so I've uploaded some gold toned ribbons - unfortunately my battery bailed out on me so I'll just upload what I've done so far and return later.

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Hope you all had an enjoyable Jubilee Holiday.  I thought the Mall was absolutely amazing - the last time I was there was for Diana's funeral.... if OH hadn't been away I am sure we would have travelled and spent a couple of days in the Capital!  I'm still ploughing through my ribbons - one more lot to go which are the blacks/whites and maybe a few other bits and pieces then I am giving my sales a rest.   I hope you can find something you like - took me 3 hours lol.   Hopefully I can get my head around doing some crafting next week :)