Monday, 21 May 2012

Hi Everyone;  Keeping up with blogging is much harder than I thought especially when home stuff gets in the way.  So sorry.

I have actually been creative over the weekend - all work and no play etc etc so I decided to try something I have never done before for a dear friend who is finding life pretty tough at the moment (she knows who she is ....huggs :)  I haven't sent it off yet so can't upload it - I might chicken out too lol!  In the meantime I thought I should upload some more ribbons from my crafty stash for sale (keep nagging me girls........... it works!!)

It takes ages to photo, upload then type up (2hrs so far but I think that is me being such a slowcoach and the phone ringing half a dozen times inbetween)'s selection is on a Green Theme; hoping to do Yellow/Brown tomorrow then Purple/Lilac.  Not sure anyone wants any reds and blacks at this time of the year so they might wait till the end of Summer ...........did I say end of urmmmmmmmmm how about beginning of!   Might even find some more stamps that need to see the light of day.

New Ribbons will be uploaded within the hour ......... I put the cart before the horse sighhhhh - feeling very stoooooooooopid; sorry bout that.

Bye for now

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