Friday, 4 May 2012

I was going to say good morning but this bloomin blogging takes me yonks to upload so .......

Good afternoon and thank you for visiting my Blog :)

I've just uploaded some more pre-loved crafty stash and think I will call it a day ....... home life is screaming out at me and I can't ignore it anymore lol.

I really want to get back to my crafting so I'm hoping that now I have a Blog I will be inspired to join challenges and perhaps build up a card selection for if and when occasions arise instead of desperately trying to make a card the night before and burning the midnight oil!

Plans of mice and men ....... hmmmmmmm at the moment I am chasing my tail!  My dear old dad (sorry about the "old" bit dad but you are 86) decided to defrost a chicken breast in his airing cupboard last week.  Shock Horror!!!!!  He has had a really bad tummy for the past 5 days which thankfully seems to have settled down now although he feels rather weak from lack of good wholesome food.  He could have had salmonella poisening for heavens sake - fills me with abject horror at the narrow escape he had.  Once he is back to his normal feisty self I will have to read him the Riot Act hahaaa.

OH is running around too - he is off to Dubai tomorrow morning - will I have a nice peaceful 5 days - nope I don't think so!  Getting to grips with my Blog (believe me I am a right numpty when it comes to computer stuff) and running around after my dad means that my house looks like a bomb has hit it so I reckon I will be putting on my rubber gloves and take advantage of the fact that I can please myself regarding what and when I eat and get down to the nitty gritty (inbetween running back and forth to dad's house lol).

Hopefully by mid May I will be sorted and join the lovely crafting world once again.  Keeping finger's crossed :)

I hope you all have a lovely Bank Holiday Monday - let's hope the weather improves.

Byeeeeeeeee x


  1. Hi Susie i have just found your wonderful blog and have now become a follower,i'm looking forward to seeing your lovely creations

    Love Lorna xx (craftinglorna over at Docrafts)

  2. Thanks Lorna - I'm not feeling too confident about this but willing to give it a try - scares the heck out of me lol xx